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The name Sardelli and fine cuisine have been synonymous for four generations.

Great Grandfather Sardelli’s farm in Monte Casino, Italy was well known in the

region for the freshest and finest of vegetables. Grandfathers Luigi and

Pasquale both continued the family tradition producing from figs to tobacco.

Pasquale’s farm in Benevento, Italy was known for the finest olives and olive

oil in the region. It is no wonder how Fulvio Sr. and later his son, Chef-Owner,

Fulvio Sardelli Jr. became enamored with the finest and freshest ingredients

for their menus.

                                            After working in the restaurant under his father’s tutelage from the time he                                                was 8; Fulvio attended Culinary School and became the executive Chef at                                                       Fulvio’s 1900 in Historic Downtown Hollywood. After 9 years as Chef, Fulvio                                                 decided to pursue his and his father’s next endeavor to open an intimate                                                     Italianesque Villa serving fine food and wines. Hence, the birth of Sardelli                                                     Italian Steakhouse at 331 Van Buren Street on Hollywood Beach.

According to the Miami Herald’s Fine Dining Review of May 2012 Sardelli

Italian Steakhouse is the ‘new star on Hollywood Beach’. The four-story,

$3 million, four year endeavor has resulted in ‘a fine-dining destination

that has a cozy but contemporary decor. With its long drapes,

mahogany furniture and crystal chandeliers, you could be dining in an

expensive home, except this one has a chic onyx bar and a gleaming

open kitchen. There’s a crowd and a buzz in the 35-seat first-floor

dining room and bar, especially on weekends. If you want a quieter,

more romantic meal, request a table in the second-story wine room,

where there’s another small dining room and outdoor balcony.

The third and fourth floors are for private parties.’

The wine list boasts over 400 selections of fine wines which will never disappoint! In the Spring, Fulvio will begin to offer weekly cooking classes and ‘wine paired’ dinners, so until then, the family and staff at Sardelli invite you to join them for a sumptuous evening you won’t soon forget!

Fulvio Sardelli Jr​

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